Driftless Glen is an American Distillery set just around the hillsides of the Baraboo valley, purposely nestled along
the river which flows as smoothly as the spirits that are distilled inside. It all starts with the finest, locally-sourced
grains. These combined with the crisp, pure, naturally sand filtered water of the Driftless Region provide the
foundation for their award-winning, world-class spirits. Driftless Glen makes other distilled spirits including Premium and Flavored Vodkas, Gin, Moonshine, Rye, Brandy, and Bourbon Whiskey,

Driftless Glen Vodka– Driftless Glen Vodka is distilled, proofed, and bottled at the Driftless Glen Distillery in Baraboo, Wisconsin. This area’s sandy soil and aquifer contribute to a high quality water source and make for an excellent Vodka. Driftless Glen Vodka is available in Premium Traditional Vodka and two crisp, refreshing flavors, Cucumber and Lemon.

Driftless Glen Gin– The Driftless Glen Double Cask Gin and New American Gin are both handcrafted in Baraboo, Wisconsin. Driftless Glen’s Double Cask Gin is finished with both new and used oak barrels and then combined making this gin unique and fit for the discerning Bourbon drinker. Driftless Glen’s New American Gin is a soft, gentle, and well balanced gin with a citrus profile of lemon and organic peel as the forward notes.

Driftless Glen Moonshine– Driftless Glen’s Rivershine S’mores is distilled using cane and grain and great for sipping or served in unique cocktails.

Driftless Glen Rye– Driftless Glen’s Rye Whiskey and Straight Rye Single Barrel Whiskey are handcrafted in Wisconsin. Driftless Glen’s Rye Whiskey is distilled from 75% rye and aged in a new American Oak Barrel. The Rye Whiskey also has a spicy complexity, with notes of vanilla and honey. Driftless Glen’s Straight Rye Single Barrel is aged for a minimum of two years and has tasting notes of rye, spice, and cinnamon, with hints of oak.

Driftless Glen Brandy– Driftless Glen’s 5 Year Reserve Brandy is born in France and finished in the Driftless Glen Area. Driftless Glen’s Brandy is characterized with notes of vanilla, caramel, and cherry with a smooth, warm finish.

Driftless Glen Bourbon– Driftless Glen’s Bourbon and Straight Bourbon Single Barrel Whiskey are both from the Driftless Region in Wisconsin. The Bourbon Whiskey is aged in a New American Oak Barrel and has a well balanced profile of vanilla and caramel with hints of charred oak. Driftless Glen’s Straight Bourbon Single Barrel Whiskey is aged for a minimum of two years and has taste notes of vanilla, honey, and a light spice, finished with hints of oak.


El Decreto Tequila is a premium tequila because of its high quality artisanal process and its unique bottle. El Decreto Tequila takes extreme care choosing the best Agave plants to attract the finest “miel”. El Decreto handcrafted Tequila is made from 100% Pure Agave, comes from an appellation of origin, and exceeds the regulatory quality standard norms of Tequila. El Decreto Tequila comes in four different flavors.

Reposado– El Decreto Tequila Reposado means respect. It invites to experience fine wood taste and smooth flavor with a strict body crafted for demanding palates. Rested in American oak barrels for 8 months. Tasting Notes: Walnut, Hazelnut, Banana, Chocolate.

Blanco– El Decreto Tequila Blanco gives you the taste of purity. Clear body and the finest natural flavor flesh from the distillery to you. Unaged Double-distilled with a soft & complex body, aroma, and delicate taste. Tasting Notes: Olive, Banana, Grapefruit, Mint.

Anejo– El Decreto Tequila Anejo is a step ahead of the rest. Its wooden taste and smooth flavor is complemented by its perfect body. Its superiority demands you to drink it straight. Carefully Rested in American Oak barrels for 18 months. This long maturing time ensures the high quality profile and unique tasting notes. Tasting Notes: Coffee, Hazelnut, Almond, Chocolate.

Extra Anejo– El Decreto Tequila Extra Anejo is a special reserve of the house. It is meant for tequila-educated palates. Its excellent body harmonizes aged for the perfect and special amount of time. Delightful ancestral wooden taste with delicate smooth flavour and pleasant mount end-up. Carefully rested in American Oak barrels for 36-47 months. Tasting Notes: Caramel, Ancestral Walnut, and Blue Agave Honey.


Talero Tequila– Talero Tequila has an aroma of white pepper and citrus fruits, with a soft taste of spice. The Tequila is made with 100% Agave and has a very smooth finish. Talero Tequila is committed to being as ecofriendly as possible. The Talero Tequila bottle is manufactured from recycled glass and the cap is 100% recycled aluminum.